What is Search Engine Optimization and what are the best SEO Strategy for increasing the traffic

A SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy plan is the blueprint or template that works for optimising the search key words to increase the traffic to the websites. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to generate online revenue for the companies. If the process is focused and done properly, the results are seen in first few months of the campaign. While working with the best SEO companies, one can get best returns for their investment. The Best SEO Strategy is to complete a thorough analysis of the website and the competition across.  There are few of the best SEO Strategy techniques followed to drive the organic traffic in 2019.

  1. Improving the User Experience

Google is today’s best ranking site in the world since it filters out all the irrelevant keywords and hold only the relevant one to list out all the websites corresponding to the keywords searched. The best results are rendered based on the query. Google make sure that they don’t render any low quality results. The major reason why any user on internet stays on a webpage for a long time is that they find the website more relevant and useful with the information. Hence the best way to make any user stay at the website is to give right information. It is necessary to include any sub-headers, breakdown articles into paragraphs, making the posts better to read, including bullet points etc.

  1. Focusing on topic clusters rather than keywords

The Google’s algorithm is evolving and now the objective is to understand the intention of the users who are searching for the right websites. But one must not expect Google to show up the website on top of the page, only based out of the keywords used.  Focusing only on the keywords doesn’t help rather looking around the context is more important. Organizing the contents into clusters will prove efficient rather than using individual keywords. This is called as topic cluster model that is created by hub spot which works by breaking down the content into topic and clusters.

  1. Building Variety of Back Links

Back Linking is one of the important factors for any website to be ranked number 1 by Google. Usage of Back Links on the post will end up bringing the website to higher ranks. But it doesn’t mean that one can use links of any random websites. If any of the low quality links are used for Back Linking, then Google might chuck the website out and add it to the spam list. So, one must make sure that the links that are used doesn’t redirect to any spammed websites. On the other hand, one must make sure that the Back Links used shouldn’t be too perfect and clean. If it’s found too clean, the request for approval of usage of the contents goes to manual approval and there is chance that people might need to pay Google with penalty. The best way is to create a medium quality Links that directs to Blogs, Auto Bio sections, Forum etc.

  1. Conquering Video with you tube SEO

You tube videos rank in the top ten Google search more often than any other type of video. One can create huge number of people on the platform by engaging relevant you tube videos. You tube SEO doubles the traffic to the website and the only thing necessary is that people must find time to invest on optimizing each video for youtube SEO.

The above are the few SEO strategies that would increase the traffic to the websites and make it ranked on top of the search engines like Google.

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